How to Use Cake Tools

I will be discussing two things here: cupcake wraps and cake toppers! I want to tell you how to use these things because I offer them specifically here (or tutorials that use them). It is my intention to create this page as a reference page so I can direct people here from time-to-time. Anyway, here goes nothing!!

How to use my cupcake wrappers

  1. Download your desired print
  2. Print it
  3. Cut it out along the lines (use scalloped scissors to create neat borders!)
  4. Wrap around each cake to get an idea of size
  5. Tape the inseam of the paper
  6. Slide your cake inside
  7. And pretty as a picture 🙂

How to use my toppers (cut and stick)

  1. Download toppers
  2. Cut them as desired (either around the lines or in shapes like circles or squares etc.)
  3. Tape them onto a toothpick, lollipop stick, or even a candy stick
  4. Stick other end of pick into cupcake

Note: you can also weave string into the cut-out-toppers to make a banner!

How to use my toppers (candy melts)

  1. Download desired topper
  2. Print it
  3. Tape the template to a cookie sheet
  4. Tape over the top of that a piece of wax paper
  5. Melt your candy melts according to directions on bag
  6. Put into a pastry bag
  7. Cut a hole in the bottom of the pastry bag, start small and draw a line. Snip away until you have the desired width!
  8. Trace your template
  9. Place cookie sheet in refrigerator for 20 minutes minimum
  10. After they have set (hard to the touch) peel them from the paper and place!

If you need better instruction (cause sometimes I can get off track), please feel free to message me or comment below 🙂 <3

Alchademy by HyperBeard

This is a cute little mobile game that lets you mix different ingredients to get ingredients AND creations. These are cheats to see the recipes for all of the content in the game. I beat the game in a month or so; but didn’t put much into the witches/cauldrons. Anyway, here is a list of the YouTube videos so you can see it all and pause that bad boy.

Download from the Play Store or App Store

I. Origin
II. Growth
III. Discovery
IV. Surviving
V. Establishment
VI. Self-Awareness

I enjoyed the game very much and hope you will, too.

The Sims 3 Studio

These are links to my studio on website. Here you can find game-approved creations and alterations to content that I created! Feel free to send me a friend request so you can also keep up with my creations and we can send each other gifts <3

  • You have to have an account at and EA
  • You may have to have some purchased items from the store on (which is like a skin and base)

Here are the different types of things I’ve got:

  • Accessories — earrings, hair styles, shoes, etc
  • Clothing — self explanatory
  • Hair Colors — custom hair colors
  • Lots — homes and businesses
  • Objects — counters, art, couches, and so much more stuff to fill your world!
  • Patterns — patterns to stylize your own pieces
  • Pets — self explanatory
  • Sims — different sims characters I’ve created
  • Worlds — some worlds I created
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