Under $5 Match Game: Lucky Ducks

Most of us know about the game “Lucky Ducks”. It’s a board game where the ducks swirl around on a moving track and the kids have to pick up matches. Well, when I was thinking of purchasing the game, I saw it was a whopping $20 bucks (online) and was like NO WAY JOSE. So I decided to make my own version.

You need:

  • Rubber duckies (I bought 2 three-packs at Dollar Tree!)
  • A bowl for the “pond”
  • Permanent marker
  • Water

Create it:

  1. Unwrap your ducks
  2. Draw matching pairs of shapes, numbers, letters, etc. (So two hearts, two squares, or two stars like I made)
  3. Fill your bowl about half way with water
  4. Float the ducks
  5. Have your child pull out matching pairs!

It’s so simple, so easy… It’s crazy! My two-year-old loves it and I made the whole thing for $3 bucks (unless you have to buy a permanent marker, too.)

You can store the duckies in a Ziploc bag, inside your bowl. I also use my blue pond for my fishing game (coming soon!) Let me know if you did it and how your kiddos liked it! You can also use matching bath toys — like tugboats or other animals!

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