The Sims 3 Studio

These are links to my studio on website. Here you can find game-approved creations and alterations to content that I created! Feel free to send me a friend request so you can also keep up with my creations and we can send each other gifts <3

  • You have to have an account at and EA
  • You may have to have some purchased items from the store on (which is like a skin and base)

Here are the different types of things I’ve got:

  • Accessories — earrings, hair styles, shoes, etc
  • Clothing — self explanatory
  • Hair Colors — custom hair colors
  • Lots — homes and businesses
  • Objects — counters, art, couches, and so much more stuff to fill your world!
  • Patterns — patterns to stylize your own pieces
  • Pets — self explanatory
  • Sims — different sims characters I’ve created
  • Worlds — some worlds I created

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