Home Street

I found this super fun, super simple, super neat game for my phone. I sometimes want to try new things and I was looking for something that could be cute (to look at) and fun (entertaining). I just happened to find this new game called Home Street. It is available for both Android and iOS systems ~ and it’s not a pain in the ass like some games (I’m looking at you The Sims Mobile!) You get a good amount of “money” to start the game and it’s very easy to earn, to play, and win! I love it. Unlike TSM, you don’t have to worry about your character needing to go to the bathroom or feeling like they need to socialize. However, this game is REALLY big on building communities and helping each other out. That’s also part of why I like it: people are very friendly!

Here are some screen shots from my game:

I have made a group in this game (cost me 2000 coins BTW) called “Cupcakes” and it’s a low-key, laid-back group. I try to chat up my members and such (looking for people to monitor it, too.) Here is a screen shot of my logo, group info, and name:

Please, look for me using those parameters. I would love to have more members. The benefit of groups is you get some help along the way, can message/chat, join in the events, and earn extra coins and other things like tickets and gems!

I also made a (sort of long) video touring the game, the Halloween event, and more:

So, that’s it my darling readers. Come join the fun and find me! I’d love to be friends ๐Ÿ™‚

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